ASIAA Signs Contract for 40 Custom CMOS Imagers from e2v technologies for TAOS II Cameras.

Aug 7, 2012
ASIAA has signed a contract with e2v technologies to provide 40 custom CMOS imagers for the TAOS II cameras. Each device will be a 1920 x 4608 (31 mm x 71 mm) array consisting of 16 μm pixels. These back-illuminated, low read noise devices provide the capability to sample 1000 arbitrary small windows at a 20Hz readout rate while maintaining similar performance and sensitivity as normal scientific CCDs. Each camera will comprise a 2 x 5 array of these custom devices to cover the 154 mm viewable field. The first engineering device is expected to be delivered in December 2013, and all of the devices will be delivered by January 2017. Read the e2v Press Release.