TAOS II Begins Construction of Telescope Enclosures

Construction of the three TAOS II telescope enclosures commenced on 29 August 2016, after all of the parts were delivered to SPM Observatory.

TAOS II Telescope Piers Installed


The three TAOS II telescope piers were successfully installed November 4 - 6, 2015.

Each pier is 12 meters high and 2.4 meters in diameter. The piers are constructed of two 6 meter sections of 1.2 cm wall steel pipe. Each pier weighs 15,000 kg.

TAOS II Telescope Foundations Completed

Concrete was poured for the third and final telescope foundation on Monday October 5, 2015. After completion of this milestone, installation of the telescope piers and erection of the telescope enclosures will begin.

Power Installation to TAOS II Sites Completed

Installation of electrical power to all three telescope sites is complete. The power lines were buried in conduit underneath the access roads to the telescope sites. Additional conduit was installed to allow for the future routing of fiber optic network cable.

TAOS II Accepts Delivery of Telescopes from DFM Engineering Inc

All three TAOS II telescopes were accepted from DFM Engineering, Inc. on November 29, 2013. All telescopes easily passed our acceptance criteria, and they have been packed into shipping containers to await shipment to San Pedro Mártir Observatory.

Roads Completed to TAOS II Telescope Sites

The access roads to all three of the TAOS II telescope sites are now complete. A total of more than 3 km of road needed to be constructed to the previously undeveloped TAOS II area at SPM.

TAOS II Begins Construction at San Pedro Mártir Observatory

Development of the TAOS II site has begun with the construction of the access roads to the future telescope locations. Upon completion of the roads, power will be installed to the three telescope sites, after which construction of the telescope foundations and enclosures will begin.

TAOS II Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony at SPM

TAOS II held its official groundbreaking ceremony at SPM Observatory on May 3, 2013. In attendance were the directors of the TAOS II partner institutions, the mayor of Ensenada, the Taiwanese representative to Mexico, and many other people who have been involved in bringing this project to fruition.

Environmental Permits Granted for the Construction of TAOS II at San Pedro Mártir Observatory

The Environmental Impact Study for TAOS II has been completed and was approved by México's federal authorities (SEMARNAT). A joint effort of UNAM's Instituto de Astronomía and local and federal authorities led to the granting of the environmental permits, which include important provisions to prevent, mitigate and compensate for the impact to the environment, a pine forest natural park located in northwest México.

ASIAA Signs Contract for 40 Custom CMOS Imagers from e2v technologies for TAOS II Cameras.

ASIAA has signed a contract with e2v technologies to provide 40 custom CMOS imagers for the TAOS II cameras. Each device will be a 1920 x 4608 (31 mm x 71 mm) array consisting of 16 μm pixels. These back-illuminated, low read noise devices provide the capability to sample 1000 arbitrary small windows at a 20Hz readout rate while maintaining similar performance and sensitivity as normal scientific CCDs. Each camera will comprise a 2 x 5 array of these custom devices to cover the 154 mm vi...