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First Test Images from Telescope #2

We got some test images last night at Site #2 using a small Andor Zila CMOS camera.

Photos and some test images are shown below.


Enrique and Bosco installing camera mounting fixture on telescope.



Matthew Lehner

Progress on Telescope Installation

We worked to finish as much as we can at Site #2 today. We fixed an unhappy servo motor on the Dec axis (motor encoder was mounted a bit off center), and got the dome home switch working with the TCS software.

We finished the modifications on the camera mounting adapter, and we will try...

Matthew Lehner

Back at SPM to Finish Telescope Installation

I arrived at SPM yesterday afternoon with Mark Kelley from DFM Engineering to start wrapping up the work on the telescope installation. We are starting on fixing the wiring and other electrical issues, and we will finish up fixing the HA backlash problems at Sites #1 and #3.

So far...

Matthew Lehner

Dome Shutter Fixed at Site #3

We fixed the dome shutter problem at Site #3 today. We had to replace one of the rollers and grind a bit off of the roller mounting bracket. We also pulled the tracks closer together at the bottom of the range of motion for the upper shutter. The whole process only took about 2 hours.


Matthew Lehner

Wrapping up this trip

We finished installing the mirrors and we spent the past few days working on getting the telescopes aligned and operating. Ian is going back to San Diego tomorrow and will fly home Saturday, and I will be here a few more days to finish up some things.

Almost everything is working now, but t...

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Matthew Lehner

Mirrors installed on all three telescopes

We finished installing the mirrors on the telescopes this afternoon. We ran into a snag Wednesday when we found a possible mixup in the secondary mirrors, and we found out this morning that the mirrors for Sites #1 and #2 were in the wrong crates. We swapped them today and finished early this aft...

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Matthew Lehner

Primary mirror installed on telescope at Site #2

We got the primary mirror and mirror cell installed on the telescope at Site #2 today. I will post photos after we get the secondary mirror and focus housing installed tomorrow.

Matthew Lehner

Secondary and focus housing installed on telescope at Site #1

We got the secondary mirror and focus housing installed on the telescope at Site #1 this morning. We then worked on the primary installation at Site #2 in the afternoon. We are ready to glue on the radial support blocks first thing in the morning

Here are photos of the secondary mirror and...

Matthew Lehner

First primary mirror and mirror cell installed

Today we installed the primary mirror on the first telescope, at Site #1. The operation went very well, with no problems to report. We worked on the installation of the secondary mirror this afternoon as well, but we found a couple holes in the truss ring that needed to be countersunk, so we will...

Matthew Lehner

Installation of first primary mirror into mirror cell

We started installation of the primary mirror into the mirror cell at Site #1 this morning. We got the mirror centered and leveled relative to the mirror cell, then at the end of the day we were able to glue the blocks onto the side of the mirror which are attached to the radial support arms. We...